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About Conseil acadien de Par-en-Bas


Our vision is to see the Acadians, Francophiles, and newcomers of the Par-en-Bas region prosper and grow in French.



Conseil acadien de Par-en-Bas (CAPEB), in collaboration with its members, is committed to promoting and encouraging the prosperity and the overall development of the Acadian and Francophone community of the Argyle region.



Conseil acadien de Par-en-Bas pursues the following goals:

  1. Be the official voice of the Acadian and Francophone region of Argyle;

  2. Facilitate the cooperation and partnership between the associations that work within the Acadian and Francophone region of Argyle while respecting the mandate of each association;

  3. Offer services and programs catering to the needs of its members;

  4. Support its members in the development and the prosperity of the Acadian and Francophone region of Argyle.

2019 - 2024 Strategic Plan

Overview of the Region

Located on the South West coast of Nova Scotia, the Municipality of Argyle spans 1 500 square kilometers and is comprised of a large Acadian population concentrated in the communities of Pubnico, Ste-Anne-du-Ruisseau, Abrams River, Tusket, Hubbard’s Point, Amirault’s Hill, Sluice Point, Surette’s Island, Morris Island, Belleville, Bell Neck, Springhaven, Quinan, Wedgeport, Comeau’s Hill and Little River Harbour. In the predominantly Anglophone areas of the Town and Municipality of Yarmouth, for example Pinkney’s Point and Arcadia, there are still many residents of Acadian descent who speak French. 

The Argyle region's community sector is very dynamic, as proven by the vast array of activities that are organised, whether they be cultural, recreational or community oriented. The region can also count on the presence of a large number of associations and committees, such as the Argyle Recreation Commission and the Jeux de l’Acadie Regional Committee for sport and recreation; many festivals, museums and research centres for culture and heritage; as well as many service clubs, community halls, seniors groups, schools and parishes. Finally, apart from its complex network of straits, coves and islands that give a unique personality to each Acadian community, the Municipality of Argyle has a wealth of tourist attractions; to name a few, the Historic Acadian Village and the Acadian Museum in West Pubnico, the Tuna Museum in Wedgeport, Argyle Township Courthouse and Archives in Tusket and Ste-Anne Church in Ste-Anne-du-Ruisseau.

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