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Centre Communautaire de Par-en-Bas



Construction of the Centre Communautaire de Par-en-Bas was completed in 2011 with funding from several provincial and federal agencies. 


Fast forward to 2023 and the Centre communautaire de Par-en-Bas is a dynamic and lively place that plays a central role in the life of the community. Located in the heart of the Municipality of Argyle, this centre is a real meeting point for residents of all ages.


The Centre is owned by the Conseil scolaire acadien provincial and managed by the Conseil acadien de Par-en-Bas.


  • A 299-seat theatre, Salle Père-Maurice-LeBlanc

  • Wheelchair accessible

  • Grand piano

  • Sound equipment room

  • Box office available

For booking inquiries, please contact us.



Our conference room is available to the public. We offer comfortable seating for 15 people with the option of light refreshments served. We also have access to wifi internet as well as an LCD projector. Contact us for reservations.


We're very excited to have a site on our first level featuring local radio station Radio CIFA! Listen to country music with Roland Bourque every Sunday in 2023 from 7-9 PM.

Image by Elijah Merrell
Daycare Center

Jardins des Petits

The preschool center, Jardin des Petits, is an Acadian/Francophone non-profit organization whose employees are committed to providing quality care to children ranging in age from 18 to school age.

Educators will make sure to provide a living environment where their physical and psychological well-being will be respected.

​The center believes that it is through play and exploration of its environment that children learn and are entitled to learning opportunities that relate to all aspects of development. While respecting the linguistic and cultural identities of each child, the center strives to promote these in French. The Center offers activities that encourage positive interactions between children, parents, staff, the Center and the community in order to promote active learning, multiculturalism, integration, creativity, autonomy and participation. parents. The operating language of the Center is French.

Jardins des Petits

4258 Route 308,  PO box 63, Tusket, Nova Scotia
B0W 3M0

La Pirouette

La Pirouette is a family resource and service centre serving children of various ages and their Acadian and Francophone families in five regions of Nova Scotia. Pirouette is managed by CAPENE.


Since 2010, La Pirouette Par-en-Bas has been offering resources and workshops to families in the region.


For more information

To Reach Us

Jacinta d'Entremont

Telephone: 902‑648-3071

Kids Playing Tug of War
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