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Comité des aînées et aînés de la région d'Argyle (CARA)

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

Comité des aînées et aînes de la région d'Argyle

Members of the Board of Directors

  • President : Ina Amirault

  • Vice-president : Pauline d’Entremont

  • Secretary Norbert : LeBlanc

  • Treasurer : Cassie Amirault

Meeting day and place

  • CARA meets three or four times a year. CARA must convene an annual general meeting.

  • Location #4258 Route 308 Tusket, Centre Communautaire de Par-en-Bas

Main activities

CARA brings together senior groups in the Argyle region. The group defends the rights of seniors in Argyle. The group belongs to the Nova Scotia Seniors Regrouping.

Special activities

  • Assists in consultations coordinated by different groups.

  • Coordination of Seniors Day in March.

Contact person

Ina Amirault



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